Student Code of Conduct  

1. Students are expected to display good manners and behavior, courtesy towards their parents, guardians, members of the staff and visitors to the school.

2. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in studies, disobedience, dishonesty, insubordination or any other conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for rustication, suspension or fine.

3. Students are responsible for their conduct both in and out of school. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct outside the school will make the student liable for disciplinary action or even dismissal.

4. No Student should come out of the class without the class pass.

5. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school.

6. Boys are not allowed to keep long hair and use of hair colour and highlighter are strictly prohibited.

7. Girls are not allowed to grow nails & use nail polish.

8. Serious infringement of library rules could lead to a revocation of library privileges.

9. Damage to the school property in any form will be dealt with strictly and the cost of the damage will be recovered from the students.

10. Library fines are to be paid at the school office and a receipt to be obtained.

11. Unless excuse is sought in writing, students must come to school neatly attired in the school uniform. If not,they are liable to pay fine, Students can be sent back home by the class teacher if not in proper uniform.

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